Salamander Resort Fire Pit Ghost Stories


Every Friday night in October, I’ll be telling ghost stories at the Salamander Resort and Spa fire pit from 6 to 7:30pm. Check out these ghostly images caught on a guest’s camera at Friday night’s ghost stories at the Salamander Resort fire pit! Photographer Mike Davis took these shots while I was talking and said that although he did not see the apparitions with his naked eyes, he was able to see them through his view finder. He says that he hasn’t Photoshopped these images in any way. The only modifications were cropping of some photos to get a closer look at the phenomenon. This was a gas fire. There was no wood and no smoke. One of the lights you see behind me is the moon. The rest of the lights no one saw until we looked at these pictures. Several other people said that although they did not see any apparitions, they had a sense that there was a presence nearby. Last week everyone heard a ghostly drumbeat during my stories! I missed it because I was talking. The land on which the […]